Sun Tea Jar

Find a Glass Sun Tea Jar and make the best Sun Tea ever!

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Sun Tea Jars

You can find a plastic or glass sun tea jar in may different places.  Look online, as you will find the most unique jars and the best prices.  Local shops that I have found a glass sun tea jar at  have been a bit over priced and not very interesting or functional.  Consider a glass sun tea jar that you can infuse your tea with - berries, lemons, limes, etc.  And infusion jar can be a lot of fun.

Decide what type of jar is best for you given your budget.  This will determine weither you want a plastic or glass sun tea jar, and the options of the jar that you are looking for.  The main option on sun tea jars are spigots (spouts for dispensing) and covers or covers. Both will be factors in price and your decision.

Glass Sun Tea Jar

Buyers of a glass sun tea jar are looking for consistency, the best taste, most durable and an easy to maintain jar.  It may sound as though there would be no reason to buy a plastic jar - it is just my experience with making sun tea using both plastic and glass jars.

Many brewers of sun tea will say that three or four hours of great sunlight and air temprature of seventy or eighty degrees helps you make a more consistant, better tasting sun tea when you use a glass sun tea jar. There are also many people unsure of possible dangers and unknowns of heating, cooling and heating plastic in general when liquids are involved.

Plastic Sun Tea Jar

If you are looking for a cheap sun tea jar, look for a plastic one. Note that although you will be saving money, you may be making a sacrifice in other areas. There are more sun tea jars with spigots that are plastic as opposed to glass, so if that is an important to you and you do not have time to shop online, a plastic jar may be the best option for you.

Plastic jars may also be the option for you if you are unsure if you will even like sun tea. Making sun tea is a bit of a process and requires some research and time to do it correctly and safely. Many people who like bottled, traditional teas and have interest in making a tea on their own may find that it is not fun or a good use of time.